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The Vienna Boys Choir has always worked with the great conductors of their time and from 1964-1969 as one of the choirboys, I was lucky enough to sing under the direction of Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein and Karl Böhm. It all began when I fell in love with music at the "Mozartball" in Salzburg as a five year old and I started to learn the piano. By the time my voice eventually broke, I had sung all over the world from Buenos Aires to New York and across Europe. Then I returned to Salzburg to the "Mozarteum" Music School for more piano lessons and voice training alongside our regular lessons. Austria's most famous acting school is the "Max-Reinhardt-Seminar" and in 1976 I won a place to study there and first met Klaus Maria Brandauer, who became my most influential teacher. He even gave me the chance to play at his side in my first movie. In Vienna during the early 1980's, I spent 2 years playing 'Pilate' in "Jesus Christ Superstar", then went on to play "Mozart"' in Peter Schaffer's "Amadeus", followed by "Hamlet", "Don Carlos", "Scappin", "Arthur in 'Tango", Thomas à Becket, Ferdinand in "The Tempest", some of the most sought after roles for any young actor. In 1988, I got to know "Boulevard" Theatre for the first time and appeared in "The Brighton Beach Memories" and many other English, French, German and Austrian plays. They took me from Vienna to Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, leading me eventually to Berlin, where I met my wife Daniela in 1989. Berlin became the city that's our home.

The tv series "Für alle Fälle Stefanie" brought me to the attention of a whole generation of viewers, as I played the good doctor, "Dr. Stein" for almost ten years. By 2006, I moved back to film and played opposite Patrick Swayze in what was sadly to be his last film "Jump", the tragic story of photographer David Halsmann, who was put on trial for murder in 1930's Austria. I played the Prosecutor, while Patrick played the Defense Lawyer. The one-man show "Protecting the Caveman" has become a talisman for me, as I've played it in theatres throughout Germany and Austria over the last five years. Right now, I'm concentrating on "Souvenir" with Desirée Nick, the strange story of Florence Forster Jenkins - "the High-C Killer", where I take on the role of her long suffering accompanist "Cosmo McMoon" and get the chance do everything I enjoy on stage - acting, singing and playing the piano. There's a lot more to come, but the time is not ripe to go public with my upcoming projects!
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