The Theater

Theater Grüne Zitadelle, Magdeburg
17. - 19. November
Theaterstück: MISERY
Stück von Simon Moore
nach dem Roman Misery von Stephen King
mit Ursula Staack und Christoph Schobesberger
Regie: Wolfgang-David Sebastian

The Story

Paul Sheldon, the well known author, finds himself dazed after a car accident in Anni Wilkes house, far from anywhere. The former nurse took care of him, since there was no chance to get to the next hospital or to use the telephone because of a heavy snowstorm allegedly. But soon it turns out, that Anni is his biggest fan, having read all of his books. Her favorite is the charakter “Misery” . In appreciations of his rescue, Sheldon gives Anni the script of his newest novel. At first Anni is highly delighted, But after having read the script, Anni is appaled and forces him to burn it. After the reading of his newest „Misery“ her consternation is boundless. She forces him to write a new serial, bringing Misery back to life. A psychothriller between the two of them starts. Paul has now chance to escape and must comply with it. Constantly controlled by her he gets punished, if he opposes. She forces him to stay for months and finish the book, until it comes to the showdown. Misery is one of Steven Kings bestsellers, a perfect psychothriller. With U.St. and C.S. this thriller for sure will be a special experience.

Theater Grüne Zitadelle
Theater Grüne Zitadelle
Theater Grüne Zitadelle